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29 November 2014

Operation Girly

I was recently advised to put Girly down.

Girly had a ranula.

Initially I was told that no vet within Greenland could perform the removal of the unhealthy salivary gland.

I contacted vets in Iceland, Denmark and England. I was going to find a way to save Girly. It took two months of belief, hope and work to find a vet with the skills and willingness to be flown in to perform the major operation. I paid for the vet to be flown here.

Operation conditions were far from ideal. The operation took place on the kitchen table. We had emergency headlamps in case of an electricity generator failure. Outside, snow fell heavily as a prelude to a storm that was forecast.

There were complications during the operation and I felt extremely tense. That afternoon my anxious stomach shrank hard like a walnut.

Outside the wind and snow blew and swirled around.

Up to that day, Girly had been my main brood bitch for the last seven years. 13 of her progeny make up over half of my kennel. All of her litters have produced outstanding workers.

Footsteps moved away from the operating table. We were about to be told the outcome. So what was it to be: grief or happiness?

The vet turned the corner and walked into the front room where Jennifer and I were sitting.

The four-hour operation was a success. I will never forget the vet's big smile as she said it.

Girly lives.

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