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24 February 2015

More Dog Than Human

It's been said that I am more dog than human therefore I know that Petlife makes the world's best sleeping mats for dogs.

There is nothing better than Vetbed for nursing bitches with whelps. Girly (below) will testify to this.

The Little Shockers litter on their Vetbed.
Every litter I have reared in the Arctic has benefited from Petlife's Vetbed. It is warm, soft, machine washable and keeps litters dry.

Peach and Thriller on top of Wanna and Gimme on top of their Vetbed.
Most recently Vetbed was used during Girly's recovery from her operation. When it comes to keeping close watch on a sick dog I have slept with them on Vetbed.

Petlife has a dog's lifespan covered with its Vetbed range and for older dogs there is something special too. Retired dogs, like our 15 (nearly 16) year-old Plet, live indoors and each enjoys their own self-warming Flectabed.

Plet relaxing on his Petlife Flectabed.
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