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25 September 2014

It's Here

Jennifer and I had our eyes tested last week.

The optician flew in from Greenland’s capitol on the west coast, 1,850 km (925 miles) away.

Space was set-up for patients to be seen in what we call the service building, where those of us who live without running water can get showered or do our laundry. It’s a prized building and has a spacious room where evening dances are held and families come to celebrate birthdays and the like. The room also offers a wonderful view of my dogs from across the river.

Jennifer is in need of new spectacles. The last pair almost cost more than we paid for our house so I was prepared to pick myself off the floor again. As Jennifer was identifying letters on the chart taped to the wall I watched Proper play with his sister Madam as Gadget became very annoyed that she didn’t want to play with him.

Many things can be improvised in the Arctic but eye correction is not one of them. I am short sighted. Without eye correction I would not be able to build a snowman let alone do what I do safely. Spectacles fog up and frames freeze to skin. Spectacles are futile. It is not a good place for contact lens solutions either and that's why I wear DAILIES Aqua Comfort Plus contact lenses from Alcon. These lenses also enable me to avoid polar bears, watch compass headings and monitor my dogs' mood indicators. They also enable me to have first sight of places never seen by humans before.

Our summers are always fleeting and I don't remember wearing a T-shirt this summer. I fed my dogs early tonight in driving snow. We have a severe storm warning expected to reach near hurricane force. Shocker and Blimey (pictured below) looked at me as if to say, at last, it's here (winter).

At last, winter is here.

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