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4 February 2013

Borstal Breakout

In November 2012 Girly whelped four puppies that will grow up to be expedition sled dogs for my future journeys.

Even though the puppy pen has a floor area bigger than our house, once the litter was vaccinated it was time for them (now eleven weeks old) to extend their boundaries, experiences and have interaction with more people and other dogs. It was time for a breakout for Smash, Fix, Vice and Madam.

This is a short video of the litter venturing out of the puppy pen for the very first time.

The actual moment I pushed back the pen gate a rush of puppy excitement and blurred fur bombarded the adult dog, Spud, just outside their pen. Until that point, they had only seen Spud from a distance.

Spud (huge in comparison to the puppies) was very friendly and playful as I knew he would be, giving the litter their first interaction with another dog besides their mother Girly.

Oh boy they had lots of fun on that first day running and rolling in the snow on the riverbank. With each new experience there was nothing but bravado and confidence as they revved up and explored.

I looked at the puppies and thought of how time flies by. If I were to be granted a single wish it would be that my dogs could live as long as people. Time and what we do with our lives is precious and not to be taken for granted or wasted. Live it to the full. Puppies know how to live.

The puppies are developing as characters. In less than a year they will be in harness alongside my adults and I will be giving them what they want more than anything else and that is the opportunity to pull in a team. They have already come a long way since their first week of life.

Borstal Breakout? It was a single released in January 1978 by Sham 69 and I still love listening to it.

It's been a great week.

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