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25 June 2013

The Eight Quid Lettuce

Bedding for whelps does not come any better than Petlife’s Vetbed. It is warm and dry with magical qualities that drain away the wet leaving Girly to nurse the Little Shockers in comfort.

Two Little Shockers safe on their Vetbed.
The first week is a vulnerable time for any litter. Their ear canals and eyes won’t open until the second week and they are defenceless, but for those around them to care for their well-being. But little tails wiggle as they slurp away before stretching out with contented puppy sounds and sinking into their dreams.

The video (below) was captured using Panasonic’s HDC-SD80 camcorder. The HDC-SD80 records stunning HD videos and is capable of an incredible 42x zoom. If that wasn’t enough it takes great still shots so you can leave your old digital camera at home.

Girly is healthy, full of vitality and milk. She is never without fresh water and I swear by Petlife's Welpi as a way to sustain and encourage goodness into the puppies feeding off her. But it’s not just the puppies who are vulnerable at this stage.

Bottle-feeding a litter is something you only want to experience once if a bitch dries up. Nursing puppies requires a lot of energy. Girly keeps her condition because she eats and drinks well. She’s a wonderful mother and fastidious in her routine of cleaning up after the puppies. When watching her with her puppies you sense she’s very happy with the way things are.

My dogs never go without but I sometimes have to. At current prices a single tomato costs 80 pence ($1.60 US) and this week one lettuce flown in from Iceland was eight quid ($16 US).

For more about Gary, his dogs and where the Little Shockers live go to www.garyrolfe.com

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